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Bienvenido al Instituto Dinfortec
Welcome To Dinfortec Institute

We are the international site for Dinfortec, a prestigious educational
institutution located in the vibrant city of La Victoria, in the industrial state of Aragua, Venezuela.

Our Mission:

" To be, for our students and associates, a genuine and reliable source of inspiration, assimilation, and preparation in their quest for mastering emerging technologies."

Why would anybody take a training course at an institution that is not  well known worldwide - or nationwide - for that matter?  Because the technology of Smart Phones is totally new, and there is no institution, presently, that has a well-established training plan that is recognized either nation or world-wide, lest a 32-hour plan, that can also be taught in Spanish.

At Dinfortec Institute, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency, but more  important than that,  is the fact that our only objective is to convince the student or participant that to program applications for Smart Phones is a trade that she/he can efficiently master. If later on that person decides to pursue a college program,  new employment opportunities,  or start his/her own company, it is a matter of personal preferences, free of shortcomings. On our part, we will always be rewarded with the feeling that we helped that person channel his/her interests.      

Our Intensive (fast-track) courses are just that: an opportunity to introduce  a technology that we are convinced you can dominate if you apply yourself to it, regardless of your age, gender, or formal education. The other training  plans are taught in association with 3rd-party educational institutions.

DINFORTEC does not own educational academies. Our training courses are conducted at commercial sites that provide the right infraestructure and an environment  suitable for computer training. Our classes have a maximum of 12 students. That way we can be sure that each student progress is properly monitored. This is the way for us to be truhtful to our main objectivel of proving the student that  he/she can master the technology.

The innovative training programs - which cover four technical disciplines - are described in this web site. All our courses subcribe to the educational philosophy that you learn concepts by working with them. In these courses, the students spend 30% of their time learning theoretical concepts, and 70% practicing and applying them.

In addition to the regular programs addressed to young students from 14 to 18 years of age, and that are conducted at the main campus in La Victoria, Dinfortec Institute offers a modern plan that encompasses 3 courses to prepare young adults and adults without prior knowledge of computer technology to completely dominate the concepts that will make them capable  of programming  Smartphones and Tablets
. Dinfortec is the #3 institution in the training and support of mobile phone technology, and the #1 when it comes to providing them in Spanish.

Our Training courses are as follows:

[1] A 32-hour Intensive Training program that takes place from Monday to Thursday. 8 hours of classes each day, starting at 7:45 AM.

[2] A Fast-Track 30-hour Intensive weekend Training program that takes place from Friday to Sunday. 10 hours each day, starting at 7:00 AM.

[3] A 16-week Training program that takes place each Saturday. 8 hours of classes a day, that start at 8:00 AM. Each subject is covered in 4 weeks.

Each one of these 3 programs is available both in Spanish and English in Miami and Orlando (Florida), and in Spanish only, in La Victoria.

Additional information is given in the other pages of this site.We believe we are presenting in this web site most of the information you may need about our traing courses. If needed, You can also request specific details by writing to Info@dinfortec.com, or to dinfortechinstitute@gmail.com ( Note: dinfortec is spelled dinfortech in this e-mail account. This will be fixed soon. In the meantime, please use the domain name as it is spelled now).

How is it possible that we can teach you how to program an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device even if you are not a student of Engineering or Computer Science? Simple: Our mehod. We will lead you, at your own  pace, to a point where you can code, upload, and perhaps sell your first application, be it simple or complex. That way you can get back the $480.00 this tranings cost.  Bear in mind that the majority of smartphone applications are simple.